Our strategy is to invest in cash flow positive businesses and execute strategic growth plans to realize strong returns on investment.

  • We focus on identifying investment opportunities with unique market and company characteristics. We concentrate on company fundamentals and its market segment in order to have both a "deep-dive" and macro approach to assessing investment opportunities.

  • We search for businesses with competitive advantages and strong recurring revenues. We do review business opportunities with dynamic growth characteristics but stable, cash-flow positive businesses are our sweet-spot for investment.

  • We focus on collaborative relationships with our management teams, aligning their interest with proper incentives. We believe in setting goals that are attainable in light of the business prospects and assist management in achieving those goals.

  • We have the skills and experience to recognize the inherent value in a business opportunity and to position the business in the best manner possible for sustainable growth.

  • Our transaction experience includes:
    • Combined Systems (Defense)
    • Penn Arms (Law Enforcement)
    • Tri-Tech Forensics (Crime Lab/Law Enforcement)
    • Electrolux (Consumer Products)
    • The Hotel Networks (Media)
    • The Daily Racing Forum (Media)
    • Imaging Business Machines (Manufacturing)

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